London based jewellery and creative wellness brand nlanlaVictory was founded by Victory Idowu in 2016.

Previously Victory had been experimenting with jewellery design for over 8 years. Her jewellery designs are thoughtful as they teach fundamental aspects of the Yoruba culture, [nlanla is Yoruba for great]. Whilst remaining timeless and tasteful through an intelligent selection of semiprecious stones and precious metals.

The Yoruba people are known for their proverbs. Creative wellness collections, explore the concepts of proverbs as forms of modern day wisdom through adult colouring and other original techniques.

Victory’s statement:

“I believe in success. nlanlaVictory is an expression of my deepest creativity. I wanted to share with the world the thoughts they should believe about themselves through my jewellery’s messages and provide them with a way to have a positive outlook on life through my wellness products.

The success of nlanlaVictory has been inspiring and thus our launch of our new sub-brand lovedbynlanla, made from alternative materials, has meant that the nlanlaVictory belief can be shared with more people.

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London, United Kingdom